Contextor is a powerful tool for structuring, facilitating and even automating the corporate intelligence process.

SRS Intelligence uses flexible, feature-rich Contextor as a cost-effective solution to manage and use information from both human and documentary sources and produce useful intelligence for decision-makers.

Contextor adapts to your needs either as a stand-alone intelligence system for a single user or as the backbone of a large intelligence unit.

With its easy-to-use interface, Contextor lets you use structured information from internal corporate databases together with unstructured information collected from human sources and from primary and secondary documentary sources.

Contextor allows you to easily capture a wide range of unstructured information, store and retrieve it, and to classify material into multiple contexts by using context maps.

Based on sophisticated concepts of thinking and learning, Contextor is designed above all to help you perform penetrating analysis and create really useful intelligence. With its context maps and linkage tools you find hidden relationships and use them to make the inferences that are the basis of solid conclusions. Then use Contextor to produce and disseminate compelling reports that guide decision-making.

The competitive situation map below shows information that Contextor automatically synthesized from multiple contexts to reveal hidden relationships affecting a new business opportunity with BBB Ltd. A department head at competitor ABC is linked indirectly to the president of BBB!

Contextor was developed by our partner Svivot Ltd. To learn how SRS Intelligence can develop for you a world-class corporate intelligence system based on Contextor, go to Intel Systems. More information on competitive intelligence and other applications of Contextor can be found at www.svivot.com.

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