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2005 Corporate Intelligence Seminar Program

Spring/Summer Seminar Series, 2005
Intensive workshop in systematic corporate intelligence, coming soon to your area.

For your managers and staff in Marketing/Competitive Intelligence/Strategy /Security who need to solve the puzzle so you can make the right move, we will offer a half-day workshop of high-quality, intensive training.

They will learn to structure and manage a systematic corporate intelligence function that will obtain fresh, hard-to-get competitive information at low cost, apply powerful methods to produce solid knowledge from confusing data, and deliver useful knowledge to corporate decision-makers.

The seminars will demonstrate the use of sophisticated Contextor intelligence software in all phases of the corporate and competitive intelligence (CI) process. Contextor is an all-around, cost-effective solution for both lone CI/corporate intelligence managers and large, networked teams. To explore how you can use Contextor to work better and faster, go to Intel Systems or contact us now at info@srsintelligence.com. See also Contextor.

Seminar features:
  • Highly-interactive sessions
  • Real-life examples from actual competitive intelligence projects
  • World-class trainer with hands-on experience in business intelligence

Half-day workshop

(includes refreshments and materials)

Do you need customized training? To discuss it and receive a quotation call SRS Intelligence today at +1 215-884-9466 or e-mail info@srsintelligence.com

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