Knowledge for business decisions
SRS Intelligence is useful knowledge for business decisions, produced by results-driven operational analysis of relevant documentary material and fresh, relevant data from persons who know what you need to know. This includes information about "off-the-balance-sheet" issues. SRS Intelligence is knowledge that solves the puzzle and changes the odds in your favor.

In the face of uncertainty and increasing competition, executives need the knowledge advantage of SRS Intelligence to make the right decisions on critical issues in marketing & sales, procurement, M&A, alliances, executive recruiting, legal, and all other areas.

Complex and delicate issues
Executives know that advances in mining a company's internal, historical data have illuminated buyer needs and behavior and even supplier performance and capabilities. They use internal data with increasing effectiveness to boost the top line and also to control costs.

A wealth of external digital data is easily available, too. The Internet provides a flood of news and other information, much of it free. New tools make it easy to find, store, and use this data.

Some executives mistakenly believe that they can make critical decisions solely on the basis of their internal, historical data and the flood of external digital information.

But digital "news" - free or purchased - is often not news at all. It is stale and may be seriously flawed, containing errors of fact or even disinformation. Furthermore, digital "news" simply cannot fully illuminate many complex and delicate issues that confront decision-makers. Consider just a few such issues:

  • competitors' plans and capabilities
  • regulators' intentions
  • potential executives' real backgrounds
  • acquisition targets' hidden problems
  • JV partners' conflicts of interest
  • foreign partners' reliability

To deal successfully with these and other critical issues, you also need results-driven operational analysis based on relevant documentary information that is often not easily available in digital form and especially on fresh information from people outside your company. Much of this valuable information is beyond the scope of quantitative or qualitative marketing research and simply cannot be obtained by ordinary investigations.

Lack of focus is dangerous
Many companies also lack focus in their search for knowledge. Advances in technology encourage the indiscriminate accumulation of masses of information and the endless combing of internal and external databases in the hope that critical insights will somehow emerge for all business decisions - whether in marketing, logistics, product development, or strategic acquisitions. Executives rely blindly on Technology as a panacea.

Does this sound familiar? So is the result -- decision-makers in every functional area of business are overwhelmed by masses of largely stale, irrelevant data while analysis lags far behind needs. Executives remain under-informed and are even worse off than before.

The risks are high, the danger is great -- the cost of incorrect decisions driven by faulty knowledge can far exceed the wasted investment of money and of even more precious time. A firm's viability can be at stake.

Power you can use
The way to control risks and gain competitive advantage is systematic and targeted corporate intelligence -- the continuous, focused collection of relevant information not only from all kinds of documentary material but also from human sources inside and outside your company. Then results-driven operational analysis must produce from this information the meaningful conclusions and clear implications executives need for critical decisions. This is SRS Intelligence.

Corporate intelligence is simply knowledge -- and, yes, knowledge in itself is power. SRS Intelligence gives you this power. Power you can use in every area of business. Change the odds in your favor. To learn how, see Actual Cases.

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