The company
SRS Intelligence is a management-consulting firm that since 1993 supports executives's decision-making with high-quality, targeted intelligence from human and documentary sources all over the world.

The product
SRS Intelligence is knowledge for making the right decisions in marketing & sales, procurement, M&A, executive recruiting, legal, and all other areas.

SRS Intelligence is high-quality, targeted intelligence that answers specific questions on competitive and other business issues. It is based on verified information from all relevant documents and especially from real people involved in real business situations all over the world. SRS Intelligence includes knowledge about "off-the-balance-sheet" issues. It changes the odds in your favor. See SRS Intelligence.

We provide our services confidentially and discreetly, with personal attention, and we strive to exceed our clients' expectations. Learn more about The SRS Difference.

The process
SRS Intelligence is a proven process and powerful methodology that supports business decision-making by uncovering important, hard-to-get information and transforming it into useful knowledge.

We reach and tap with our sophisticated techniques many and varied human and documentary sources all over the world. Documentary sources go beyond easily-available digital material. Human sources include your own employees, customers, suppliers, and channel members; your competitors and their customers, suppliers, and channel members; industry observers; government officials; and all the other persons who know what you need to know.

We evaluate, collate, synthesize, and analyze this information using sophisticated intelligence software to produce the knowledge you need to make the right decisions. See Methodology.

Do you need intelligence training or intelligence process consulting?
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