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"The high quality surprised me..."
"The high quality of the SRS Intelligence seminars surprised me after my disappointments with CI training given by others. I was extremely satisfied with the instruction, which used real case studies. There was great interaction between the instructors and my fellow participants. The instructors engaged each of us and helped us look at our own business and the competitive threats in a different way, in essence giving each of us a wake up call on how we analyze the competition."
Todd Leach
Manager, Research & Analysis DSTOutput
"thoughtful and thought-provoking..."
"What could be more timely in light of the events of September 11th than a conference on "Intelligence for Managing Overseas Risks"? SRS was not only able to tackle this complex and touchy issue with great skill, but was also able to assemble a roster of top-notch speakers from the business and academic world who clearly and candidly laid out the issues and challenges. How refreshing to find this timely subject handled in such a thoughtful and thought-provoking manner. Congratulations SRS on a job well done!"
Scott Leeb
Senior Director, Business Intelligence
The McGraw-Hill Companies
"...extremely valuable and enlightening."
"I attended the SRS Intelligence full-day analysis seminar and was extremely delighted. The seminar was notable because of the caliber of the trainers, marked by the highest levels of experience including government intelligence, academia, and commercial R&D. Even more remarkable was the fact that these folks were active participants throughout the day. The day provided a lot of information, both from the presentations and the group discussions, where the attendees were encouraged to offer their views. I found the seminar extremely valuable and enlightening. "
Victor Camlek
Director, Business Intelligence Thomson Scientific
"A thoroughly enjoyable course."
"The Intelligence Analysis for Business Seminar has succeeded in challenging both the novice as well as the CI professional. The thoughtful planning of coursework provided the structure I needed as an information professional unfamiliar with the demands of business intelligence analysis. I welcomed the lectures and presentations by experts in the field. At the same time, there was enough flexibility built into the seminar that impromptu discussions among more experienced participants provided the challenge that they were looking for. A thoroughly enjoyable course."
Heidi von Tilsit
Director, Corporate Information Allergan
"a terrific tool..."
"I came back from the Intelligence Analysis for Business Seminar and immediately sat down with our Vice President of Marketing to explain how I could now help the company with a terrific tool for finding proactive strategies . Nice job!"
Mike Smith
Manager of Strategic Information Dana Corporation
"great ideas..."
"I have found SRS Intelligence seminars to be both intensive and insightful, allowing me to take away a greater depth of understanding of the complex Market Intelligence process, and giving me some great ideas to add value within my own organization."
J. David Phillips
Market Intelligence Manager Microsoft Canada
"expanded my toolbox..."
"The Advanced Business Intelligence Seminar expanded my toolbox of skills but more importantly, it enabled me to gain a new perspective on current situations and problems. For advanced practitioners, this seminar was a good antidote against one of the biggest pitfalls of intelligence work: looking at the same thing in the same way."
Robert G. Franc
Associate Director, Business Intelligence
Bristol-Myers Squibb
"strongly recommend..."
"I found the Advanced Business Intelligence Seminar to be of significant value in our competitive intelligence function here at Marathon. The hands-on exercises as well as the interaction with other competitive intelligence professionals have proven to be valuable tools in our efforts.... I strongly recommend this seminar to all competitive intelligence professionals."
Ron Harper
Industry Analyst
Marathon Oil Company
"wonderful tools and insights..."
"Some wonderful tools and insights were provided at the Intelligence Analysis for Business Seminar. I gained from your seminar something unique: a solid theoretical framework for understanding and useful tools for the business intelligence practitioner. I also discovered a silver bullet which I feel will be useful for our company's future strategic plans and analyses. The seminar and your hospitality were wonderful."
Kevin Woodward
Senior Cost Estimator
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.
"excellent, employable information..."
"I attended the Intelligence Analysis for Business Seminar because 'analysis' is the most neglected part of the competitive intelligence process. My inquiries led me to SRS Intelligence, with high recommendations for their speakers and process. I was not disappointed. The analysis process was addressed from several perspectives and I came away with some highly 'useable' tools and techniques. This is excellent, employable information."
Rick Ormandy
Director of Quality
Korry Electronics
"a good top-level overview..."
"The conference on "Intelligence for Managing Overseas Risks" was a good top-level overview of potential risks and considerations a company should take into account prior to entering developing markets. The presentation on Saudi Arabia was fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed both of the very knowledgeable speakers on China and the Asian Market. I found the organization of the day to be great - not too long, plenty of breaks, thorough material in the binder."
Cynthia L. Beaulieu
Director, Strategic Planning
Jabil Circuit, Inc.
"exceeded my expectations..." "Previous competitive intelligence programs had not met my expectations. However, the Advanced Business Intelligence Seminar exceeded my expectations.... The SRS program lived up to its stated purpose...Based upon my experience, one of our competitive analysts attended the Intelligence Analysis for Business Seminar. This seminar was very timely and quite effective. It was the best competitive intelligence seminar that she has attended."
Walt Doughton
AVP, P&C Competitive Analysis USAA
"Highly recommended..."
"Your conference "Intelligence for Managing Overseas Risks" was both very informative and enjoyable. All the speakers were clearly top experts in their fields. The range of topics enhanced my knowledge on subjects previously experienced and opened my eyes to issues that will confront me and my company. The casual, open atmosphere and the speakers' openness to group participation made this a forum for sharing experiences. Highly recommended for anyone involved in risk management for international business."
Rick Bernstein
Bunge Global Markets, Inc.
"...an excellent seminar!" "Intelligence Analysis for Business was an excellent seminar! Open knowledge sharing between the expert speakers and the seasoned professional attendees. This program provided an excellent framework for structuring a business intelligence project, including specific tools to implement the framework. Great networking opportunity and friendships made."
Peggy Eizans
Business Analyst
Yazaki North America
"excellent and insightful presentations..."
"Thank you for the excellent and insightful presentations on political risk for large-capital projects and country risk management at your conference "Intelligence for Managing Overseas Risks". It was also a good networking opportunity."
Sam Wilkin
Country Risk Advisor
Aon Trade Credit

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