Our offerings are as varied as your training needs. They include: public seminars and conferences; customized seminars and on-site courses; executive briefings; and more. Our training events are serious affairs that will quickly prove their value.

Customized seminars and on-site courses
SRS Intelligence can develop a customized course, incorporating a case based on your company's actual situation, to teach intelligence concepts, process, and practices (e.g., Collection, Analysis, Reporting, Management of the Intelligence Function, Use of Intelligence). Ask us how SRS Intelligence can combine intelligence training with project facilitation for optimal results in both areas.

  • SRS Intelligence gave a one-day seminar on CI centered on an original, custom case study for sales and marketing managers at a major insurance company.

For information about our public seminars and conferences, please go to Seminars. Information on the next SRS Intelligence seminar or conference can be found at: Coming Events.

Do you need customized training? To discuss it and receive a quotation call SRS Intelligence today at +1 215-884-9466 or e-mail info@srsintelligence.com

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