SRS Intelligence has completed a great variety of complex research projects in a broad range of industries since 1993. For example, a detailed Competitive Analysis project can cover six to twelve or even more targets in multiple countries. Other projects have focused in-depth on a single issue or even one executive.

Here are some industries we have covered and some typical projects:

Medical Devices
Managed Healthcare
Ballistic Materials
Office Equipment
Cable TV/Broadband
Business Information
Communications Technology
Medical Services
Typical Projects
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Uncovering product launch plans
Benchmarking: customer service process
In-depth executive profiles
Strategic intent and plans (International)
Sources of Competitor advantage
Web-based supply chain innovations
Litigation support (International)
USA market entry: preferred mode
JV Partner Search & Screen

Perhaps your industry does not appear here or your concerns are not covered by the types of projects listed. Rest assured -- SRS Intelligence can help you! As experts in Business Intelligence we work with you, the experts in your own industry, to get the answers you need.

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