SRS Intelligence will effectively and discreetly meet your company's needs for critical Intelligence on competitive and other business issues all over the world.

Powerful methodology
SRS Intelligence is high-quality corporate Intelligence, thanks to our powerful methodology and cutting-edge Contextor Intelligence software:
  • consultative approach that uses the client's own industry expertise to reveal needs, define issues, and formulate the critical questions to be answered
  • comprehensive framework of analysis that guides the activities of information collection, synthesis of information/analysis, and the drawing of conclusions
  • expert translation of critical questions into a detailed plan for targeted information collection
  • aggressive, persistent, and imaginative search for appropriate human sources -- from a clerk or shop-floor worker to top executives
  • deft use of sophisticated techniques to elicit maximum leads and relevant information
  • careful evaluation of sources and data
  • painstaking and thoughtful synthesis of human source and documentary data that solves the puzzle
  • insightful analysis

SRS Intelligence uses sophisticated Contextor intelligence software throughout our intelligence process to ensure you get the knowledge you need to make the right decisions. We believe this is the best tool available. Contextor was developed by our partner Svivot, Ltd. See Contextor. SRS Intelligence and Svivot can help you produce more and better intelligence internally by adapting Contextor to your company's specific intelligence needs. We train corporate intelligence personnel to make best use of Contextor, whether this involves a stand-alone system for a lone manager or a complex system for a large, networked team that is geographically dispersed. See Intel Systems.

Dynamic Targeting
throughout every SRS Intelligence project ensures that you will receive the critical knowledge you need by using information as it is collected to validate the direction of the inquiry and the quality of the sources and the data. Don't be blindsided!

Useful results
To see how SRS Intelligence will give you the answers you need all over the world and learn how we have helped other companies, go to Actual Cases.

A powerful methodology, top-notch people, real corporate Intelligence experience all over the world, and sophisticated Intelligence software - that's why SRS Intelligence will change the odds in your favor. But that's not the whole story. Learn more about The SRS Difference.

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